5 Myths about Round The World Travel

“A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.” 

Alan Watts

Round the World Travel or Long Term Travel is often filled with a bag full of myths. There will always be some or the other pre-conceived notions and some degree of resistance when it comes to being on the move for a long period. There are always those myths and beliefs that differentiate the fence sitters from those who actually take the plunge when it comes to long term travel.

Some of these myths are completely untrue and some are totally laughable. It’s strange that people have these twisted beliefs about long term travel being totally out of their reach, how its impractical, how it’s expensive and the list of excuses goes on and on.

Well, it’s easy to take a step back and let your excuses take you over. However, just that little push and pondering could take you places. So, why not put these excuses and myths to rest and just take the leap of faith towards long term round the world travel.

Myth No. 1 – I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive

This is the most widespread and common myth about long-term travel that needs to be debunked before anything else. Nothing comes for free in this world. No type of travel is free. It may not be free but it always does not cost a bombshell. It all boils down to your priorities. Anybody can go for RTW Travel. You don’t need to have a big pocket or have large trust funds to go for a round the world trip.

Round the World Travel especially the one that is long-term is not your regular vacation. The outlook and perspective towards such travel is a totally different ballgame altogether. The aspect of money involved is different as the style of travelling is different.

Long Term travel needs to treated as a big occasion of your lifetime and thus all the preparation, planning and sacrifices need to go in to making your dream into a reality. It’s all about making priorities about your spending and savings and once you are on the road, feeling the air and the aura of the path that awaits you, you would realise that it is all worth the effort.

Myth No. 2 – There are way too much things to plan.


The ‘too much’ of anything in life depends on the way you interpret it. There is only that much to plan that you want to. There is no denying that going for a RTW trip, planning is very important but it is a complete myth that too much planning is involved and you might end up giving the trip a miss.

You can only plan for those things which you can anticipate. No amount of planning will help you in random and spur-of-the-moment circumstances while you are on the road. The more you go into a planning overdrive, the more you are bound to go crazy. The basic planning for long term travel is to book your RTW tickets. Do your homework in terms of research about the places and all the myths about planning would surely be debunked.

Myth No. 3 – Long–Term Travel is only possible if you are young, single and kicking.

There are far too many people who believe that travel is something which you can only do if you are young and single. Well, this is a complete myth which needs to be trashed at the slightest mention of it. It is understandable that when you are young and single, there are lesser things to worry about and it is easier being a free soul having free will.

But having kids and a family does not mean there are barriers to stop you from travelling around the world. As they say, age is just a number and it actually is. Look around and you will see families and seniors hitchhiking or backpacking around the world in hostels. People who have limited exposure to international travel have this mistaken belief about staying in hostels. Irrespective of your age, long-term travel is one hell of an experience.

Myth No. 4 – It’s dangerous for women out there.

Travelling certainly involves some degree of risk and that goes for everyone – men and women. But women have to face additional risks as compared to men and have to go that extra mile for ensuring caution and safety. Parents certainly are not game for the idea of their girl going around the world all by herself. It is perfectly alright to be worried about women travelling alone.

The key here is to do your homework. Do proper research and planning and you would be good to go. You will find all kinds of shady people all across the world. That goes for everywhere, there would be shady people in your neighbourhood as well. But that does not stop you from roaming in your neighbourhood. So nothing should stop women from travelling round the world. Thy myth that women should not travel alone is outdated and needs to be shown the door.

Take all precautions, avoid tricky situations and people, be alert and go by your instincts. Women are certainly going to have the time of their life travelling across the globe.

Myth No. 5 –It’s dangerous to travel at most places across the world.

Uncertainty is the most certain thing for all things in life. If the myth about international travelling being dangerous were to be true, then nobody would have been able move out of their countries. In the era that we live in, you can easily lay your hands on information about any place. You will find every kind of information about places – ones that are over-sensationalized and over-hyped and others that depict the actual picture of the prevailing situation.

You will find people from all walks of life in every part of the world and we feel that people are generally good and courteous to each other. RTW travel helps you to develop a new perspective and this is what helps you deal with situations and people.

It is very easy to make stereotypes and develop opinions for people who actually haven’t done this kind of travel. So go ahead and talk to people who have done it and take this myth out of the equation.

What do you have to say about the myths associated with RTW travel? What are your experiences about having to deal with such situations? Dispelling these myths and misconceptions would take you to the path of taking the plunge and going across the world.

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