How to Avoid Cramped Seats on a Plane

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Plan Ahead to Avoid the Worst Seats on a Plan

Whether you book a short flight or an international flight, sitting in the middle seat is the most dreaded area to position yourself. Not only are middle seats cramped and inconvenient, but they also experience the most contact with other people.

For you to avoid the worst seats on a plane, you can consider several things to ensure you end up with a more comfortable seating arrangement no matter how long of a trip you book.

Tips on Escaping the Middle Seat

Escaping the middle seat is possible — unless you wait until the last minute to book a flight or check-in before departure. While booking a trip ahead of time can help you avoid the middle, airlines have caught on to the fact that passengers are willing to pay money to earn a better position like a window or aisle seat.

Booking early can also offer cheaper tickets. The average price of tickets is lowest about 57 days ahead of your desired flight. And if you buy tickets three weeks in advance for flights in North America, you can save about 43-56%. By saving money, you may want to splurge and spend the extra money on a more ideal seat.

Another option to lessen your chances of sitting in the middle it to choose a flight based on an airline that has fewer middle seats. Some airlines may have one middle position, while others have two or three.

The Advantages of Aisle Seats vs. Window Seats

While window seats may be ideal for napping, aisle seats offer more freedom compared to the cramped quarters near the window. Aisle seats offer you a quick exit point, giving you the advantage of being one of the first passengers off the plane. If you are in a rush to catch a connecting plane or have somewhere to be, it puts you in front of everyone else.

Seats on the outside of the row also give you the power to speak to flight attendants if you need extra assistance. You have easy access to bathrooms and overhead compartments and more space to stretch out your legs.

Benefits of Business Class Seating

Business class seating provides passengers with seats that have increased widths up to 22 inches compared to coach seats, which are more compact. Business class seats help you spread out and relax and often have flat-bed options. Booking a business class seat will also decrease your chances of traveling in a middle position, helping you stay comfortable for the duration of your flight.

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