Choosing your Travelling Route (Itinerary)

There are a number of factors which have to be considered while choosing your travelling route. It depends on the destinations you would be visiting, the dates on which you would be flying, any specific purpose of travel, the time period which you have at hand for travelling, the budget that you have for your journey and there are host of other things which have to be taken into consideration. The mantra here is to sit down and identify the core areas and then make decisions on what you intend to do.


A traveler may be hitting the road for a specific purpose or it may be even just to go with the flow. It is best to sit and pen down your itinerary (places that you would be visiting) in the order that you would be travelling. You can also have a vague idea of the places that you would want to visit, and maybe from there on, you could decide upon a travelling route. It is best to decide upon your itinerary depending on the purpose of your travelling. It could be anything – attending a series of business meetings, attending music and cultural festivals across the world, following your favorite rock band touring across the world or just randomly visiting places in different countries and continents. The key here is to prioritize. Some people just want to travel and experience the world without any specific purpose and with a free and open mind. It is best to think and decide upon the priority of the destinations that you would want to visit or the things that you would like to do in different countries. So it all boils down to what you want to do. Once you’ve figured this out, a major part of planning the trip is sorted out.

Flexibility pays

It is a given that the more flexible you are while booking for your trip, it is more likely that you would get benefits in some or the other way. Having flexibility with respect to the dates of your travel means that you can lay your hands on a less expensive airfare. Tweaking your travel dates here and there might help you to get cheap flights for your journey. Also, flexibility with respect to the stopovers that you are willing to make means that you can visit additional destinations without having to pay too much cost for it. Moreover, going through stopovers means that you can get to travel on lesser expensive air routes. So it all depends on how flexible and comfortable you are with stopovers and if you are game for it and have couple of ideas of how to spend your time during a stopover, then there are handful savings to be taken advantage of. Stopovers are also a welcome break and if you are the one who likes to break their journey into parts and legs, there are significant benefits in store for you.


The order of the destinations also matters a lot in determining of what will be the price of your ticket. It is best to avoid backtracking unless there is no other option but to trace your steps back on the journey. In such situations, it is likely that the airfare would be on the higher side.

Time of Booking

The season of travel matters a lot while choosing your travelling route. Remember, that there certain months of the year when the airfare is high due to increased volume of air traffic as many people head out for their holidays. Also, there are certain months when the traffic is very low and the airfare would be much cheaper then. Therefore, the timing of your booking is very important.


In a round the world trip, it is a combination of multiple airlines that go into the making of a ticket. Usually, the RTW experts pick the airlines which offer the best fare depending upon the dates of your travel and the degree of flexibility attached to it. Also one could have a certain preference for flights/airlines and it is best to discuss these things in detail with our RTW expert.