Flexibility and Open Tickets

We may have spoken a lot about flexibility but we fear we may not have given you adequate insight regarding exactly what it entails. Flexibility regarding your travel plans with us means being able to book tickets from anywhere to everywhere, and at any time that flight schedules permit. We have absolutely no restrictions about what order suits you or what pace you want to take. The following points help us to elaborate on the ways in which we can adapt and create plans to suit the convenience of every one of our customers.

  • Open Jaw

To ensure that we live up to our promise of being flexible, the concept of open-jaw tickets has been put into place. Put simply, open jaw tickets mean that either your point of origin or your destination are not exactly the same. You could be flying from Dubai to Paris and flying back from Singapore to Dubai. This leaves you free to figure out how and when you would like to travel between Dubai and Singapore. Similarly, the point of your origin can also be different from your final destination. Though there is a small added cost for booking open-jaw tickets, you might end up saving quite a bit if you find yourself a budget airline or another mode of transport connecting two of the cities on your itinerary.

  • Double Open Jaw

When it comes to a double open-jaw ticket, this means that two completely separate connections are bought together on a single ticket. Say you fly one way from Paris to Madrid and fly back Barcelona to Rome. It could even be a wider difference than that if you require, again it leaves a certain amount of space for adventure and exploration especially if you are on a world tour and want to play things by ear.

  • Open Tickets

Most airlines also offer an option for open tickets and air passes for those who require even more flexibility. An open ticket entails an airline ticket with open dates but not open places whereas, with an airline pass, you can take an unlimited number of flights within a certain time period in a specific area. Best to check on airline websites or with your travel agent for up to date and accurate information on air passes. However, we do not advise people to purchase ‘open tickets’ or ‘air passes’ for the reasons listed below.

  • Re-routable tickets or air passes have high premiums that never pay of in terms of convenience. Very often a pass can cost 3 to 4 times as much as booking one-way tickets as you go along.
  • Open tickets can often cost the same amount as a confirmed reservation without the added benefit of any guarantees. You could show up at the airport and have to wait hours due to

lack of availability or inconvenient schedules.


However, if you are extremely keen on flexibility in dates, you can always check certain websites that will probably provide the best deals on flexible dates. There are unlimited options available and sometimes you never know what works for you unless you try it. But if you were to take our advice, seek an experienced agent’s opinion before taking any conclusive decisions.