Flexible tickets

Open Tickets

When booking with an agent, one has access to the added benefit of flexibility. Flexibility can be offered in terms of the route or direction to be followed, the time duration and even in terms of exact dates for travel.

An open ticket means that you set a departure date, but your return date is flexible. Thisallows you certain flexibility in deciding when you want to head to your next destination.If you happen to be visiting friends, family or perhaps even if you wish to see more of a new place, the element of spontaneity can be maintained, hence making your travel even exciting.

However, open tickets are dependent on certain factors such as airline schedules and availability of seats.As a result, booking an open ticket may allow flexibility but also means taking a slight risk. Based on our experience, there is no harm in booking an open ticket.As uncertainty and spontaneity is always associated with travel, the same are also associated with an open ticket.To make sure that you are able avail of the most convenient offers whenever required, our customer care team is available 24 hours a day, irrespective of time zones.


Backtracking allows for a passenger to plan their route without moving in any particular direction. On a round the world trip this would involve as route such as:

New York – London – Dubai – Tokyo – Bangkok – New Delhi- Singapore -Auckland

Here, one could easily cover Bangkok and New Delhi before going to Tokyo. But circumstances may require one to factor in traveling in a reverse direction. Backtracking allows for travellers to accommodate such changes in already set routes.

If this form of travel best suits you, it is important to keep in mind the additional costs attached to the final price of the RTW ticket. Due to the higher mileage necessary, we advise customers to resort to backtracking only when necessary.


Open- Jaw

Open-Jaw flights are those where your destination or point of origin are completely different from one another. For example, you could be flying from London to Madrid but returning from Paris back to London. In this case you are free to choose your mode of transport between Madrid and Paris.

A Double Open Jaw flight on the other hand, has two entirely separate routes. You may be flying London to Paris one way and return from Madrid to Rome. These may be a little more expensive but give you the chance to explore further and experience more.