Getting yourself a Travel Insurance

With much uncertainty around these days, insurance has become essential these days. Travel is no stranger to uncertainty and thus travel insurance plays an important role in giving you a sense of security and safety in case of any situation or circumstance that may arise. Generally, the tickets being booked by our RTW experts include the cost for travel insurance.

You may also discuss with our expert about getting an insurance policy for your round the world trip. One also has the option of going for travel insurance separately. This means that the customer is free to chose their own preference for a particular insurance policy or go with the best one that is offered under the ticket itself.

Mostly, the insurance policy would:

  • Be eligible for a period of 1 year of travel
  • Help you recover the expenditure made in case of any illness or an accident
  • Ensure that you do not have to pay for any emergency medical transportation
  • Provides cover against cancelled/interrupted trip and lost/stolen baggage

Please note that untoward incidents such as a political crisis or civil unrest would not be covered in travel insurance.

An important but common question that might come across your mind is the cost of the trip. Well, the answer to this question is very subjective. It entirely depends upon what and how you intend to do during the trip. The expenses of the trip depend upon the kind of accommodation you choose, spending on activities, transportation, eating/drinking and others. Daily expense is one aspect where you must a keep a careful eye on.

You may inquire about travel insurance from our RTW expert.