How to Book your Around the World Trip

Booking for a round the world trip is the first step of the detailed process that lies ahead and it is the most important and crucial stage as it involves the most amount of deliberation and planning. An around the world ticket is not just a simple ticket involving a round trip. Therefore, you must give full time to the making of an effective and economical round the world ticket which would let you cover the destinations of your choice and would also be value for money.

This time period not only involves deciding destinations for the RTW trip and making bookings for the round the world tickets, but the timing of the trip is also an essential factor. One must also keep a considerable and reasonable time gap between the booking of the round the world tickets and actually embarking upon the trip to avoid any undue hassles. Proper planning and due care taken at this stage goes a long way in ensuring a hassle free and a smooth round the world trip.

Around The World Ticket


A round the world trip is not a conventional vacation or a holiday trip. It is a journey of a lifetime to be experienced. Therefore it is very essential to decide at the right time when you will embark upon this journey. So, the timing of your round the world trip is very crucial and must be done well in advance or at a reasonable time to avoid last minute hassles.

Map your journey

The next important step is to lay your hands on a world map and to decide upon the territories that you would be exploring on your round the world trip. Unexplored terrains and territories would call out to you to let you explore the beauty of such places. You must decide on the places that you would want to visit on the globe.

Talk to us

Now that you have decided upon the time of the year when would set out for the round the world trip and the destinations that you would be covering, the next step is to pick up the phone and speak to our RTW experts to know about your tickets and getting less expensive airfare. One can always share their travel plans with our experts who are very enthusiastic in sharing their own experiences of travelling which might be useful for the RTW traveler.


Now that you have spoken to our RTW expert and the routes and dates have been agreed upon, it would be best to make a reservation of sorts. This gives clarity as to the RTW itinerary in terms of dates, destinations and fares.


Now you are good to go and ready to take the plunge.