RTW Tickets – what to do to get a good deal

Your ticket to see and explore the world is what you need to have and there are a number of factors which make up that ticket. Going on a round the world trip is one of the best experience and adventure that one could witness. And to witness this lifetime of an experience, you need a RTW ticket. Booking the ticket for the round the world trip is the most crucial aspect during the planning stages. Therefore, it becomes very important as to how you pursue this aspect of the trip. Timing and careful planning is the key as thoughtful decisions can ensure that you can lay your hands on a good deal rather than to shell out a lot of money.

There are number of factors (not in order of preference or importance) that go into the making of a Round the World Ticket and it is ultimately these factors which govern the price of a ticket. Therefore, to get an aptly priced round the world ticket, a traveler must make sure to keep all these factors in mind.

One of the most important factors is to decide upon the number of destinations that you want to see. The number of destinations that you want to visit will determine the price of the ticket. This is because the price of a round the world ticket is based upon the miles/distance that one covers for the trip. And another important thing to keep in mind is that, if one can limit the number of destinations to only those which are on the top of traveler’s priority list, this can make the price of the RTW ticket cheap. A single RTW trip is one of the many trips that the traveler can make as the world is there to be seen.

The other and the most obvious factor that goes into the making of a round the world ticket is the season of travel. The season of travel or seasonality is a crucial factor in determining the price of the airline ticket(s). The reason behind this is quite obvious – it all depends on the global traffic. During the high season, the airfare is bound to be on the higher side and therefore one might end up paying quite a handsome amount. During the low seasons, airfare tends to go down. Therefore, if one wants to catch hold of a cheap RTW ticket, seasonality is the one of the most crucial factor to be taken into consideration.

Once you have decided the season and the destinations that you intend to travel, there are several other factors which can help one cut down the cost of the ticket. One of them is to go for cities/airports as stopovers which are cheaper options in terms of the stay. Connecting to a hub city, which can either be the capital of the country or a big city, is also a cheaper option.

Flexibility in terms of dates of travel and the preference of airlines is also one of the factors that can reduce the cost. Tweaking the travel plans here and there might just prove to be useful. This is because getting the preferred date and the airline is a complex issue and there might be situations where the traveler might not get a cheap airfare for a preferred airline on a particular date and vice-a-versa. Therefore, flexibility pays.

One other factor that can cut down the cost of the RTW ticket is to go for cheaper travel options in terms of connecting destinations. If you are the free spirit kind of traveler and love to hop to destinations, then going for travelling by land is way better than high flying most of the time. Apart from the new landscapes that you will get to see, the people and their lifestyles, the countryside and what not, you can also get your RTW ticket to be cheap. You can always talk to the travel expert of what options are there for travelling on the road (by bus, train, cab et al) between various destinations.