Insurance – Important aspect of a RTW trip

Just like your ticket and passport, travel insurance is one of the most important aspects in planning a Round the World trip. The purpose of a RTW trip is to have a free mind and travel insurance offers just that. Peace of mind when traveling is a great feeling. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind because it covers most risks that are associated with traveling.

A round the world ticket implies not just a ticket for multiple destinations that one is planning to visit but also covers various other aspects which are associated with global travel. Travel insurance is one of the most important and essential aspects to a round the world ticket and goes a long way in ensuring a hassle free round the world trip.

Why is it needed?

Just like any other insurance, the purpose is to provide cover for unforeseeable circumstances or situations which may arise while the traveler is on the move. It may range from the traveler suffering from an illness, cancelled flights, lost or stolen baggage, natural calamity, political upheaval and there could be a whole list of reasons. Therefore, to avoid any unnecessary burden on the part of the traveler, it is advised that one must never miss out on travel insurance.

Sometimes the travel insurance is included in the round the world ticket. However, it is best to check with the RTW expert to know what what kind of travel insurance policies are available for RTW travelers.
Benefits of going for travel insurance

  • Offers peace of mind while on the move
  • Helps recover medical expenses on account of any illness or accident
  • No payment for expenses on emergency medical transportation or evacuation
  • Offers protection against cancelled or interrupted trips
  • Provides coverage against lost or stolen baggage
  • Offers protection against prospective loss to traveler on account of natural calamity/disaster

There are reasons why a traveler should always secure travel insurance.


Health could go bad anytime or one might meet with an accident. Since these are unforeseeable circumstances, travel insurance becomes essential and all the more important.

Interrupted or cancelled trip

Any emergency might force the traveler to either cancel the trip or return midway. Thus, to cover the risk of situations, a travel insurance is a must.

Damage or theft

Lost personal belongings or stolen personal property. In such a scenario, travel insurance comes to the rescue as it can be used to cover the cost of your damaged, stolen or lost items to a certain maximum fixed limit of recovery.

Untoward incidents

Terrorist attacks have now become a global phenomenon and one should take appropriate measures in order to cover situations. It is important to note that cases of social, civil or political upheaval and unrests are not covered under travel insurance.

Getting travel insurance is not an uphill task. Speak to our RTW experts regarding travel insurance to know about the available options. You may opt for the insurance policy of your choice. We usually provide travel insurance which forms part of the cost of your ticket.