RTW vs. Point-to-Point buying

This page gives a comparison between buying a RTW ticket and a buying your tickets as you go on the journey. Spending on the RTW airfare is one of the most crucial factors for the journey. Thus it becomes very important that you choose wisely as to how much money you spend on airfare. The key here is to have the least expensive airfare without having to compromise too much with your travel dates and destinations.

Round the World ticket may not always be cheap however it certainly provides you value for money if you buy a well optimized ticket. Many travelers would say that buying your ticket as you go on the trip is an expensive proposition and it might be true in a lot of cases. But this certainly depends on how you route your trip. There might be situations where particular countries/regions might fetch you cheaper airfares whilst others may be expensive. This means that if one considers the option of buying as you go, you will end up shelling out a lot of money for regions/countries which have expensive airfares.

The other advantage of going for a RTW business class ticket is that one is saved from the hassle of having to check for airfares, flights and dates of travel every time you have to hop across from one destination to another. By having a RTW ticket, one does not have these things to worry about and can easily focus and enjoy the experiences of the journey.

The other thing is that there is flexibility in terms of overland travel that a traveler can undertake. One can easily hit the road (literally) and reach the next destination for catching the flight. This also comes across as a welcome break for the traveler as one is constantly hopping to different destinations on flight.

Backtracking is also one major aspect that is associated while deciding whether to go for RTW or point-to-point buying. There might be a case where one has a schedule where one has to backtrack and has no other option. In such a scenario one has to weigh their options of what to go for incase they have to backtrack.

The advantage of going for point-to-point buying is the degree of spontaneity and uncertainty that is attached to the travels. One is free to explore and hit the road as long as they want, they are free to go wherever they want without having to worry too much about their travelling schedule. However, this can also make you end up burning a hole in your pocket. Last minute airfares are often quite high and going for this frequently might end up in loosening your purse strings too much.

Thus the important thing to consider while taking a decision is that one must do proper research as to the destinations they plan to visit and what exactly is the route of their journey. One must weigh the pros and cons of both before coming to a conclusion of whether to go for RTW ticket or point-to-point buying. The most crucial thing to consider here is to optimize and spend your money wisely.