Dos and Don’ts

It is advisable for our traveler folks to have a list of Dos and Dont’s before setting out on your life changing Round the World trip.

This basically enables the traveler to avoid any last minute hassles and glitches that could be a mood spoiler and moreover, it helps in ensuring that all the essential aspects of the trip are in order. We have prepared a list of DOs and DONTs that a traveler must keep in mind before taking the plunge.



The first thing to do is to relax and chill. You would be setting out on a journey of a lifetime and it pays to have a cool head before you set your foot out of the house.

Copies of Documents

One must always ensure that all valuable documents are stashed up in your moneybelt. Your passport, credit cards, cash and any other relevant documents and papers are things which you just cannot afford to lose at any point of time. So ensure that you have a reliable moneybelt to store your most valuable things.

Confirm your flights

Before setting your foot out of the house and heading towards the airport, it is advisable to confirm the flight schedules beforehand to avoid any mood spoiling situations.

Check your bags

You must always prepare a checklist of the items that would be needed on the RTW trip and to see that whether all of them have been packed in your travel bag. It is also advisable to pack light and to carry clothes and items which are essential as you would be on the move. Carrying a heavy bag with loads of stuff could prove to be a mood spoiler while on the move. Remember, necessity is the key here.

Eat Well

It is advisable to eat well and eat light before you board that flight and set your foot on a journey across the world. This will help you to have the required energy when you embark on your life changing journey on new lands.



Do not panic. Once you have decided and planned your way to a RTW trip, it is because you have made the effort to undertake such a journey and when the real moment arrives and one is about to catch the first flight of the many flights, it is best to enjoy the moment and there must be no reason whatsoever to panic.

Non- Essential clothes

It is advisable not to pack those big bulky jackets that would occupy a major chunk of your backpack space. Moreover, also leave behind those luxury wear. Just pack easy going clothes which are comfortable and light as you would be on the move constantly.

Heavy electronics

It is advisable to leave all those heavy electronics behind. However, this is a subjective point and depends upon the need of the person. Therefore it is best to bring only those which are essential for the trip and leave the ones behind which would occupy too much space.

Last Minute

Do not keep anything to the last minute. Pack properly and confirm the flight schedule well in advance. Leave for the airport in a reasonable time to avoid any last minute hassles. The key is to never leave anything to be done at the last moment.