This section provides you a checklist of the things that you need to keep in mind before hitting the road. A RTW trip is a journey which a traveler embarks upon after some amount of deliberation and self-introspection. It is a learning of sorts for the person as she/he is on the move for around a year or so. Therefore, one must not forget some basic and important things before setting out to experience the world. Our experts have compiled a list of some basic things which you must do.

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Remember Your Destinations

You are on the move constantly and the wear and tear of travelling causes exhaustion. It is not possible to memorize your travel plans for the entire trip. Go conventional with this. Noting down the entire travel plan or your itinerary on a piece of paper or your personal notepad is advised.

Your Tickets

Remember to carry all your ticket details before setting out for the trip. Always keep important documents such as passport and identity proof handy. It is advised to keep multiple copies of these important documents in case of any untoward or an emergency situation.

Visa Requirements

Carefully study the visa requirements of the countries that are included in your round the world travel itinerary. Contact the concerned embassy to know each and every aspect of the visa regulations of the countries on your list. This would help you to avoid any last minute hassles at the airport.

Changes in Travel Plans

It is best to decide the travelling plan in advance. There is no harm in making any changes before the issuance and confirmation of the ticket. But once the ticket has been issued, any changes related to dates or destinations would mean that you may have to pay an extra fee in certain situations.


One must make sure to get all the necessary vaccinations (malaria, BCG, Hepatitis) in advance from your local doctor or clinic. It is also advised that one must also study the travel restrictions based on diseases or vaccinations for the counties that are to be visited as per the itinerary.

Spending Money

It is advisable to have a basic plan of the money that you would be spending on the different places and destinations of the RTW trip. Different countries have different rules for carrying cash and such information should be gathered beforehand in order to avoid hassles at the airport.

Convenience in Payments

It would be best to choose the right kind of credit card which is easily acceptable in different countries. You can check with your bank if your credit card has global acceptability and if it does not, one must ensure to get a credit card that is acceptable in the countries that you would be visiting. Also check for the credit limits, the fees chargeable, security issues and also whether the card has any travel benefits/points.


One must ensure to make a list of the items that you wish to carry and accordingly choose the size of your bags/backpacks. It is advisable not to carry too much stuff as overloaded bags will bring stress and will add to the wear and tear of the continuous travelling. One can always buy the not so essential items locally.