Rules relating to Baggage

Rules relating baggage varies from airline to airline and there is no single unified set of norms that is followed across the board. Let’s first touch base on the aspect of Baggage Fees. It is best to check the fee that is charged by different airlines for baggage. Avoid being surprised at the airport with a huge fee to pay for your baggage and check in advance what fee you will have to shell out. Get in touch with the airline that you are flying and find out the baggage fee that they charge.

The next aspect relating to baggage is the permitted size limit. Again, this varies from airline to airline. We recommend that you connect with each of your airlines and inform them about the size of your baggage in order to avoid any last minute hassles at the airport. This would give you an idea of the charge that you will have to pay for the same. Many travelers take along their cycle or surfboard along with their luggage which would increase the size of your luggage. It is advisable to check with each of your airlines about the fees that they charge for carrying the same. This will also give you an idea about how to carry or how to pack such baggage.

There are certain restrictions and limitations on the baggage that you can carry. Now, there are two methods. The first method by which limitations are imposed on carrying of baggage is according to its weight. Many airlines follow the weight rule system i.e. total weight of all items and pieces comes out to be not more than 20 kgs. The carry baggage is included in the total weight of 20 kgs. One thing to be kept in mind is that the limit for the carry baggage is 5 kgs. It is advisable to check beforehand about the rules for free baggage allowance and know about what all needs to be included for measuring the weight of your baggage.

The other method that is followed for baggage restrictions is by the number of pieces. Flights which follow the piece rule of baggage allow a weight of approximately upto 22 kgs. The number of baggage pieces that is allowed is two and there are certain specific dimensions that are required to be followed. It is best to check with the airlines and our RTW expert to know about the rules of baggage being followed by each individual airline and the fee that they charge.