Solo Women RTW Travelers

Many travelers would agree that travelling solo is one of the best experiences to be had while travelling. Many women travelers undertake solo travelling. Travelling alone for women comes with its share of concerns and safety issues. When it comes to women travelling alone, there is very little margin for error. Therefore, it is very essential to take all possible steps and extra precautions to ensure that women travel safely and enjoy the experience and adventures that solo travel has to offer.

One of the most important aspects for solo women RTW travelers is that one should always look for an accommodation that is safe, is not at all secluded and there are decent enough crowds around the hotel/guest house and the place must have proper lighting. All in all, the accommodation must never be at a place where there are very few people around or is situated in some shady place.

For women travelers, it is important to blend with the culture of the destination that they are visiting and choose their dressing wisely and one which is considered to be appropriate. One must take due care to respect the culture of the place and to dress conservatively. It is important to remember that what one considers to be personally appropriate in their culture might be considered as offensive in another culture. Such precautions would help to avoid any undue attention.

Another important thing is to avoid any private meetings with strangers at secluded places. One can always meet up at public places and it is always best to keep a friend or an acquaintance informed about the same.

Women must also avoid any late night travelling. Travelling in a city in which one is not familiar with is a challenge and it is even a bigger challenge if one is undertaking travel in the night or moving around late into the night. Therefore one must avoid travelling late into the night to avoid facing any untoward situations.

Drinking responsibly is also one of the most important things to keep in mind for women travelers travelling solo on a round the world trip.

For women, it is essential to keep some important things handy, like a cell phone, credit cards, documents, medicines and a pepper spray (if the need arises!). Women RTW travelers must also pack lightly as heavy bags or suitcases might cause undue hassles. One must look confident while handling baggage, otherwise it might be a source for undue attention or some kind of a target for anti social elements.

To sum it all, solo women travelers must take all necessary precautions and utmost care to avoid any undue attention or getting in some kind of trouble. It is the confidence that matters and this would go a long way in ensuring that the solo women traveler experiences the unparalleled adventures of travelling alone.