When is the Best Time to Buy a RTW Ticket?

The best time to buy a RTW ticket is typically three to four months prior to the date of departure. While impulse trips have their own sense of flair, buying a round the world ticket often takes more advanced preparation. By buying a ticket a few months in advance of the intended date of departure, you give yourself the benefit of an easier process.

Plan Ahead

To assure yourself the best deals, early planning is essential. You don’t want to wait until a week prior to setting out on your dream vacation to have it ruined with the news of fully booked flights or other inconveniences.

The obtainability of certain flights as well as the airfare can differ depending on the season. To ensure you get the vacation or travel expedition you deserve, it’s worth setting aside the extra time required for smooth sailing — or flying, that is.

The Ideal Time to Get Your Ticket

So when should you buy your RTW ticket? If you’re preparing a trip over-seas to various countries and geographic locations, perhaps now is the time to begin your consideration of a RTW ticket. Whether you’ll be traveling for business next year or you’re looking to celebrate an upcoming anniversary, today is the day to start to piece together the beginnings of your journey.

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The earlier you plan, the more likely you are to obtain a more affordable ticket as well. Prepare now, and we’ll take care of the rest for you. The best trips are the ones without any added worries.

This page gives you a low-down on when is the best time to buy your Round the world ticket and go out to explore the world. Travelers often face this tough question – when is the best time to buy a ticket for your RTW trip? It is also one of the most frequently asked questions by travelers to our RTW experts. Well, the pricing of a ticket depends upon seasons which are divided during the calendar year. The availability of airfare and flights varies from season to season, so the airfare is determined on the basis the season in which you would be booking.

The important thing to consider while booking the ticket is that it is advisable to book it reasonably in advance and not leave it to the last minute. The recommended time to buy the ticket is around 3-4 months prior to the date of departure. This means that if one buys in a reasonable time, there are good chances that you might lay your hands on a relatively less expensive and cost effective round the world ticket.

Booking well in advance and keeping a reasonable time gap between the booking and the departure would help you to cut down on your airfare and one can get a less expensive ticket. This could also give you the benefit of being able to get your preference of dates and flights. This aspect comes into play especially when the trip is due to start during the peak season. Keeping your booking till the last moment before your departure limits the options in terms of your travel dates and flight preference. Moreover, booking late means that one might end up shelling a big amount for the ticket. Demand would be much higher as more number of people would be booking whereas there would be a crunch for cheaper airfare.

Last minute bookings of flights often cost a lot as the airlines have certain quotas of seats for such scenarios. In such cases passengers who are desperate to travel on certain dates end up paying a bombshell as they have no other option but to shell out that price.

The other advantage is that in terms of airfare and flights, discounts are offered quite well before in advance and often these discounted airfares are caught hold off by early birds. So if you book in advance, you can get these benefits of less expensive airfare along with the choice of dates without having to shell out extra money for the same.

Hence the key in terms of the best time to buy the ticket is to buy well in advance in order to avoid facing any disappointments in terms of your travelling preferences and also the price of the ticket that one would be anticipating to pay.