What if your baggage got delayed, lost or stolen

One of the worst things that could happen while travelling is when you realize that your baggage has been delayed or worst still, has been lost or stolen. It can be a very bad situation when you arrive in a new city without your baggage. This is a very common phenomenon and could happen to anyone.

The first thing to keep in mind when one encounters such a situation, is to keep your cool and calm and not to panic. Being in a situation where you don’t have your baggage is a huge problem in itself and if one panics, then it would certainly add to the problem. You must have patience and wait for their baggage to arrive and if it doesn’t, directly head to the baggage claim office which is located at every airport’s premises.

Now the first scenario is that your baggage got delayed. Again, no reason to panic and more often than not, your baggage would surely arrive. A little bit of patience is desirable here. There could be different reasons why your luggage was delayed. Firstly, the baggage may not be in the chute and maybe somewhere else. The baggage may have been a put on a wrong flight and may have gone to another airport. In this case, one might have to wait a bit long for their baggage to arrive. The baggage may not have been put on your flight and might be arriving in the next flight. This means that one might have to wait for some time to get their baggage. The time period that one might have to wait for getting their baggage depends on the scenario in which the baggage got delayed.

It is best to check at the airport itself, of the intricacies relating to delayed baggage. This is to avoid any further undue hassles while claiming your delayed baggage. One must check with the authorities before exiting the airport.

What if your luggage got stolen? The key thing here is to concentrate on the things that need to be done instead of buckling under pressure and adding to your already long list of problems. In case of stolen baggage/luggage, the airlines are liable to pay a certain amount of money if they are not able to trace your baggage. This amount varies across different flights.

One must be ready to file a lost baggage claim in which one must prepare a list of all the things that were in your baggage. Any documented proof of your purchases like a bill or a receipt is also helpful.

One must be very careful with their baggage and to avoid it being from stolen or misplaced is to always remember the make of your bag (size, color) and to be attentive towards it. It is also advisable that your bag must carry a certain unique identification to enable you to keep an eye on it and not miss it. Being alert would prevent any other person to get hold of your baggage and leave you in dire straits.

One of the most important aspects related to lost or stolen baggage travel insurance. It is advisable to take an insurance policy for your baggage when you are booking your tickets. It is a cover against such an untoward situation. Apart from this, one must never keep valuable items and important documents in their baggage. Always keep the important documents in your handbag.

In case one faces such a situation, the key is to be cool as a cucumber and do the things what are necessary to locate your baggage. This would prevent you from facing any further hassles.