Who Can Travel in Business Class?

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Business class has earned a reputation for servicing the “elite” with luxuries and amenities only a select group of people can afford. But contrary to popular belief, anyone can purchase business class traveler tickets. Whether you are traveling through to visit family, visiting a different country for leisure, or flying across the Pacific on a business trip, you have the freedom to fly business class.

Tickets for business class round the world flights are a popular option for all travelers because of the comforts you can enjoy during the flight. Business class tickets include more space to stretch out, access to exclusive lounges at airports, in-flight Wi-Fi, and early boarding options.

If you don’t want to purchase a business class ticket for full price, airlines may have unsold seats for purchase at discounted rates. You may even be able to use frequent flyer miles to exchange for class upgrades.

Business Class vs. Coach

While flying coach is often used for short trips, traveling in premium class is perfect for long journeys and traveling internationally. In order to get the best value for your ticket, it’s suggested to find a flight of six hours or more compared to a short, one-stop trip. The benefits of sitting in business class go much further than snacks and a soda that you receive when flying in coach.

Added Compensations

When you buy a business class ticket, airlines can include compensations outside the plane such as being picked up from the airport and having exclusive access to airport lounges. Airlines can also include hotel rooms for international layover flights.

These extras help you relax and stay comfortable during your journey, rather than being jet-lagged.

Enhanced Amenities

In comparison to coach, business class accommodations include a cabin steward and extra amenities. For example, you have more beverage options — including free alcoholic drinks — pillows and more spacious seats. There is a doubled distance between each seat for additional room, and seat widths increase up to 22 inches as opposed to 17 inches in coach.

Other luxuries include personal video screens, laptop and phone power ports, and gourmet food selections. Free Wi-Fi is also available to assist you in getting work done on the plane. While economy class is often cramped, business class has space to stretch out.

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