10 Amusement Parks that Make for Unforgettable Experiences

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It’s rare to come across someone who doesn’t enjoy an amusement park. While some of the most adventurous rides aren’t suited to the faint hearted but, an outing to an amusement park always removes one from our everyday reality and instils the joys of being a child again. Here’s a list of Amusement Parks around the world that we recommend you visit whenever you get the chance.

This park includes a water park, a roller coaster, an aquarium and a variety of animal exhibits. But besides all these attractions, the Ocean Park is also well known for the shows and educational programs that it hosts. There’s something for everybody at the Ocean’s Park in Hong Kong and the city is also a one you should explore.

If you’re looking for an action-packed experience that will also be truly memorable, Universal Studios Hollywood is an incredibly popular theme park that offers attractions based on popular movies and TV shows, besides its incredible range of thrilling rides. Attractions like the Wizarding world of Harry Potter and Jurassic Park are a must-see for any fan. The rides, attractions and even shows are curated to suit a range of ages, making this park one that’s definitely worth visiting. The park also has a functional movie studio, and a ride that gives you a tour of the entire space.

This park is known for the six different themed areas which include a water park and a Ferrari themed park. With a variety of ride options and family-friendly attractions, this park makes for a great outing as it is located about hour or so outside Barcelona. The stunning details that characterise each themed area are certainly a highlight that help to enhance the entire experience.

Walt Disney World isn’t one of the most popular parks in world for no reason. Comprised of four different parks, i.e., Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, this park offers something for everybody. Furthermore, it also has two water parks and over 25 resort properties. Each of the parks that make up Walt Disney World have their own unique attractions, shows, and experiences. We suggest you dedicate a reasonable amount of time to your Walt Disney World visit as you’ll need it to be able to explore to your heart’s content.

This park features 15 different themed areas and happens to be the most popular park in Europe. Besides a range of rides, attractions and shows, you can also visit Europa Park if you wish enjoy a culinary or shopping experience. Apparently, there are over a 100 restaurants here and a wide range of shops as well. Perfect for a getaway for those who want to indulge a little or just take a break from the realities of everyday life.

Located in the center of the capital city of Denmark, Tivoli Gardens is a Disney inspired nature park with an old-world charm. The shows, concerts and weekly fireworks enhance the experience and the lush gardens offer a natural appeal to the space. You can even carry a picnic basket and sit out in the gardens and, in case you would rather dine out, there are multiple restaurants and food stalls in the park. You can choose between more than a dozen rides and if you enjoy a thrilling experience, you must try the roller coaster.

Made up of two parks; Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort is apparently one of the most-visited amusement parks in the world. The park also has 5 Disney hotels, 6 non-Disney hotels and a shopping complex. The park is not owned or operated by the Walt Disney Company.

As one of the oldest parks in the United States, Cedar Point offers over 70 rides of which 18 are roller coasters. However, the impressive variety of rides offered are not the only highlight. The Park also has several hotels, restaurants and abundant grounds.

Efteling is one of the oldest theme parks in Europe and besides its rides shows and attractions, the park also features a fairy-tale forest and other family-friendly fascinations. The attractions in the park also have elements from ancient myths, legends, fables and, folklore. The surroundings are beautiful and the entire experience is perfectly suited to families who want to bond and spend time together.

Known for some of the most exhilarating rollercoaster rides in the country, Staffordshire also features a water park, an aquarium and a multitude of different ride and attractions. Spread over 500 acres, some of the themes include Forbidden Valley, Dark Forest, Gloomy Wood, Katanga Canyon and CBeebies Land.

Be it an adrenaline pumping ride or a memorable family outing, amusement parks offer as the perfect spot for a getaway where you can really enjoy the moment. As amusement parks cater to all ages and all kinds of people, it is a good idea to visit one every now and then. Next time you plan a vacation, you should consider including a trip to an amusement park. And, we hope our recommendations are useful.