Advantages of Round the World Flights

Let’s say you were to take a trip around the world, visiting 10-15 countries and you booked separate tickets for each leg of the journey. It would be very confusing and time consuming. Its no surprise that RTW became popular as a way tofuse multiple trips into a single itinerary. Besides making the travel process more efficient, there are multiple other reasons why you should consider booking RTW tickets. Continue reading to find out more.

  1. Explore New Places Along the Way 

Essentially, the main advantage behind RTW flights is the opportunity to include multiple stopovers. Booking a stopover flight is an interesting way to turn a long, uncomfortable flight into an exciting new opportunity. Think about it: If you were driving all the way from, say, Boston to Seattle, wouldn’t it make sense to stop and roam around Yellowstone for a few days?

If there are cities or places that you’ve always wanted to visit, and some of them are right on your travel route, it makes sense to budget some extra time and explore as much as can.

Are you keen to see the Sydney Opera House or check out Tokyo’s Disneyland? A stopover gives you the chance to choose from a variety of exciting experiences. And the best part is,you’ll have a lot more stories to tell and a stamped passport as proof!

  1. Be a Tourist and Experience Local Life 

Say you’re flying via Paris to London because it’s suited you best time wise. It may be a work trip but you can easily take a day off on the way to explore. Instead of catching your connecting flight within a short period of time, just take the same connection maybe one or even two days later. Go have a look at the Eiffel Tower, eat some croissants and roam the streets. A stopover is the perfect way to unwind and it energises you for whatever comes next.

Some airlines offer a “stopover buddy” to show you how around. Having a local lead the way can help you get a real taste of a city’s culture, food and people.

  1. Do Your Health a Favour 

Let’s face it, as much as we love to travel far and wide, long flights can be uncomfortable, stressful and even just plain boring. After a certain amount of time, every one of us feels the itch to stretch, breathe some fresh air out in the open and if possible, even feel the sun on our skin. This isn’t only a simple urge but something your body requires. We are made to move about and stay active and, long hours of sitting can be very unhealthy.

The risks of taking long-haul flights involve blood clots for people who have a history of DVT, dehydration and people can even pick up infections as the same air continually gets recycled in the cabin. Besides a break and some good food and rest, stopovers can also be used to take a trip to a medical facility if required before the next flight.

  1. Makes Family Travel Easier 

It can be hard for the little ones or even the senior citizens to sit still for hours on end. A stopover gives them a chance to just stretch out and unwind a bit, and for the kids, is helps them use up some of their energy.As your stopover is likely be in a major city, you can take advantage of the multitude of museums, shops and other fun stops with your family.

Book a stopover in London to take the kids to Kew Gardens where they can run about and interact with nature. And, if you happen tohave a stopover in Amsterdam, the NEMO science museum has a  whole lot of of interactive and educational activities to engage the children’s minds . It’s the perfect break to the monotony of a plane ride.

When it’s time to board the plane again, you and your family will feel rejuvenated and you’ll have a lot of fun memories to take home with you.

  1. Get in Few Hours of Work if Needed 

A stopover not only gives you the chance to indulge your curiosities and your senses, but it also provides some time to catch up on work and prevent it from piling up.

Get off the plane to stretch and catch up on emails. Any business you need to conduct can be accomplished much easier on the ground in a quiet café or hotel room. Traveling to new places is not only an excuse to have a good time, but it’s also great for your brain and can help to increase productivity. Studies show that adapting to foreign cultures promotes creativity and facilitates idea flexibility . This is because new experiences that engage the senses light up different synapses in the brain and create more pathways for creativity.

  1. Use Stopover Time to Connect with Family, Friends or Make New Ones 

Stopovers definitely have a huge advantage for those who can meet their family en route to their next destination. It gives people a chance to not just connect with those whom they know but if you’re venturing out to explore the city, then there’s a high chance you’ll strike up a conversation with someone and end up making new friends. 

You’ve heard of layovers and have likely experienced them, waiting in uncomfortable chairs and eating dinner from a vending machine and just feeling like you can wait to get the journey over and done with.Luckily, With RTW tickets and a good agent, you can turn your layover into a very fulfilling stopover.