5 Tips on how to plan a Round the World Trip on a Budget

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Planning and booking an around the world plane ticket is no easy feat. It is a labor-intensive task that involves a lot of back and forth before your can actually create a comprehensive round the world itinerary. But luckily, there are specialists who can help you through this process and, if you want to work within a budget, then we have a few tips for you. Read on for ideas on how to pack in a range of exciting experiences in a cost-effective manner.

Waiting until the last minute to book your flight can result in a very stressful situation where you end up spending large amounts of money to be able to have flight options that link up with one another. Its best to apply for leave and book your tickets several months in advance. This way you can also ensure to have the necessary documentation in order and spend the weeks before you head out focusing and finishing work instead of stressing about the various formalities associated with International Travel.

Points that you collect using your credit cards or frequent flyer cards can help with a lot other than just upgrades and airline tickets. You can also use these points for booking your stay or for rental cars in some cases. There are a few major alliances in the airline industry and by becoming a frequent flier with one airline, you become eligible to benefits on other airlines that are part of the same alliance. If you happen to fly a lot, choose an airline with a well-connected alliance, and sign up for a frequent flier membership. Do not waste those miles, they are incredibly useful.

When you do your research on availability of hostels and homestays, make sure you also check about vicinity to tourist sites and access to public transport, this can make or break you trip because traveling long distances and using taxis can be unbelievably expensive. Use apps like Airbnb to scout out good places and search online for these places to get additional information as well. In many cases, booking a BnB can be more economical than staying at a hostel. You should also make sure to compare prices on a few different platforms.

Currency is an important factor to take into consideration while deciding on which destinations to include on your round the world trip. You should check which countries offer you favorable exchange rates. You could also check where its best to change money, and carry popular currency that will be give you favorable exchange rates in your chosen destinations. Season time is another factor to consider while picking where to go. Not only will places be quieter but accommodation and flights too, will be cheaper during off-season time.

Don’t go overboard with your packing as excess baggage can pose to be a very expensive proposition. However, make sure you have gear and items of clothing for all kinds of weather. Good walking shoes are a must. You must make a checklist before packing to ensure that you don’t need to spend money on items you probably already have and forgot to pack. Also, remember to leave a bit of space for presents and souvenirs that you want to bring back home for your friends and family.

It isn’t difficult to plan a round the world trip on a budget. Many students and professionals travel on a budget and have a fantastic time while they’re out. When planning such a trip, the will to do is as important as the finances and if you’re smart you can have an incredible range of experiences without burning a hole in your pocket.