Aspects of Overland Travelling

Overland travel is one of the most exciting experiences that a traveler undergoes during the trip. It also serves as a welcome break as a significant part of the travelling to multiple destinations is done on flights. Through overland travel, one gets the opportunity to witness and experience the diverse cultures and landscapes of the destinations which are often away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and the ‘tourist’ destinations. It serves as one of the most cherished experiences and is an eye opener of sorts. Being on the road, you will get to see the soul of the country or region which is away from the commercialization of the cities and is full of traditions, cultural values, legends and what not!

Overland travel means when instead of taking a flight, you take up a local mode of transport to get to the next destination and carry on your journey further. For overland travel, it could be anything; a bus, train, boat or ferry. Apart from the advantage of witnessing the soul of a particular country/destination, it also comes cheap. One does not have to shell out that huge amount for undertaking overland travel as is usually done on flights. Local modes of transport are way cheaper than flights. Moreover, the experience on the road is way more fulfilling than getting to any place on that airplane. It is effective as well as efficient and helps in cutting down the cost of the RTW trip. Even though at some places, there might not be a significant difference between spending on a flight and taking a bus or train, however, in majority of situations, overland travel is way too cheap as compared to a flight and would significantly bring down the overall expenses of the trip.

For some places, it is best to book in advance as you are aware about your travel dates. It is advisable to do a bit of research about the options available for overland travelling in the countries/destinations that you would be visiting.

Travelling overnight is also one of the aspects associated with overland travel. It is quite usual that you might be nervous and apprehensive about travelling overnight if you are doing it for the first time. Your decision of going for this would depend upon the place you are at. Some places might not be safe enough while at some places, it would make no difference whether it is day or night time.

One should never miss out on overland travel and must definitely do it. The key to enjoying overland travel and avoid facing any hassle is to find out about the options available for overland travel for hopping across destinations within a country and also from one country to another. Once you are out there on your RTW trip with the intention of experiencing the diversity of landscapes and cultures, then hit the road and feel the air. You wouldn’t want to miss this experience