Changes in travel plans

It pays to be flexible as you would have more options and you can lay your hands on some good and exciting deals for RTW travel. However, flexibility should be before your booking instead of when you are already on the journey. Too much changing of your travel plans in terms of dates or destinations means that you may have to shell out extra money and in some cases too much money.

Changing of dates of travel/flights to a certain extent is fine and may not hurt too much. Our travel experts are an experienced lot and often come up with something interesting when changes are made, much to the delight of our traveler folks. Most of the times it is possible that your travel dates can be tweaked here and there. However, there might be a situation where there is a difference in the airfare amongst the changed dates. Now this difference can be either small or big depending upon the availability of flights on a particular date.

It is a difficult situation when one wants to change the destinations once the ticket has been issued. If you go for changing destinations that you desire to visit on the RTW ticket, there are certain specific penalties that are imposed by airlines for any change that is made to the destinations. The fee or the penalty that is imposed when the final reservation has been made for the trip is airline specific. For knowing what charge or fee you may have to shell out, can be done only once the flight has been reserved.

In some cases, you can contact the airlines directly for any changes in the travel plans (flight dates). Otherwise, you can always connect with the travel agent/issuing agency of your ticket. Changes can easily be made to your tickets if it has not been issued or not been paid for. It is best to finalize your travel plans and the itinerary before making the payment.

However, our team would always be there to assist you in the scenario of any changes to be made. Sometimes, these changes are intentional whereas sometimes it might be under unavoidable circumstances. We definitely keep these considerations in mind and try to find out the best possible way out for you in such situations.