How to Catch a Connecting Flight

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As if flying across the U.S. or the Pacific Ocean isn’t already stressful enough, catching a connecting flight may prove even more so when you are running through the airport, squeezing past people and making sure you have all your luggage.

passengers boarding airplane

It may be the case where you miss a flight because of reasons out of your control, but there are several ways to make sure you arrive at the gate on time. Refer to the following tips for making a connecting flight:

Advantages of Business Class and Stopovers

Flying in business class is ideal for receiving primary seating options. Whether your plane is delayed or on time, sitting in a front seat during your initial flight will help you exit the plane first to reach your connecting flight. Business class also involves fewer people and more space for luggage. You have a better chance of sitting where you please and can make a point to position yourself in the front, which will be advantageous in the long run.

Stopovers can also help you make your connecting flight on time as they allow you to stay in a connection city for more than 24 hours — you will be able to see two places for the price of one. Stopovers eliminate connection flights at an airport and give travelers the freedom to tour a new location before continuing with their travels.

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