How to stay healthy on your RTW Trip

For enjoying your round the world trip to the fullest, it is very essential that you remain healthy, fit and fine. There can be those odd bouts of fever or that occasional body ache or head ache, but you can always take some basic steps to ensure that your health is in order. This would let you enjoy your round the world journey to the fullest without bad health being an obstacle. Therefore the mantra here is to take some basic and simple steps to ensure that your health and your body are in perfect shape before and during your world trip.

Well, the first thing that comes to mind when the word health is mentioned for a round the world trip, is vaccinations. Taking all required vaccinations before setting foot on the road for the world trip is one of the most crucial things that one must do. Well, for such things, one must rely on the doctor or your traveler friend who must have got their shots for their round the world trip. In addition to this, it is advisable to carry all prescribed medicines (if at all there are). One important thing is that some medicines are known by different names across countries. So it is best to talk to the local pharmacist about these things before leaving for the trip.

Now once you are on the road and on the move constantly, small steps and precautions go a long way in ensuring that your health does not become an issue of concern and you can enjoy the adventures and experiences to the fullest. Your eating habits and patterns govern your health. While travelling, one is tempted to taste the local cuisines, and why not, one must definitely taste local cuisines, but not at the expense of your health. So it requires some wise decision making as to where to eat and how much to eat. Hygiene is of utmost importance here.

Street food is one of the best things that a traveler can experience on the trip. Many places especially in South East Asia and South Asia are referred to as the hubs of street food across the world. Some travelers often travel the world to taste different cuisines prevailing across the world. Some wise thinking can ensure that you can fulfill your taste buds without getting sick or affecting your health. Always go for foods stalls that are hygienic and are crowded (even decently crowded). Also, you must eat the right quantity and must not overfill your stomach with street food. The right quantity and the hygiene factor come into play here.

The choice of drinking water is also an important factor for one’s health while travelling. One must always go for the safer option of bottled water.

As you are on the move constantly, going to different destinations having different weather conditions, terrain and topography is obvious. The human body takes some time to adjust to a new climate or weather. It is during this sudden or quick season or weather change, that the body runs the risk of being exposed to sickness or illness. One must take extra care as to avoid getting sick during this crucial time period.

There are a number of ways to stay healthy when one is on the road. Travelling is an exercise in itself as it involves a lot of movement both of the body and mind. A bit of running or that short session of pushups or some simple stretching exercises helps to ensure that the body is flexible and does not wear out quickly due to the regular travelling.