Know about multi-destination tickets

As the name suggests, a multi-destination business class ticket is one which comprises of multiple destinations across the globe. In simple words, it is a ticket which comprises of three or more flights, regardless of the directions that you are travelling in. The aspect of ocean crossing, which is associated with round the world business class travel, has no role to play in a multi destination trip.

In such a ticket, there is no particular order or pattern of destinations that one flies to. You can choose any number of destinations that you wish to and in any travelling route on a multi-destination ticket.

One of the main advantages of this ticket is that you can save quite a handsome amount of money considering the number of destinations that you would be visiting. Apart from this, one can throw in the element of adventure as one has the flexibility to throw in overland travel and need not necessarily be flying all the time in order to reach from one destination to another.

To sum it up, a round the world ticket and a multi destination ticket is often used by us only as a technical jargon. You can design your journey that way you want it to be. Airlines are not concerned about this aspect and thus it has no effect or bearing on the overall costing and its working. The cost of a ticket depends on the factors of travel and not the terminology.

With us, you can travel in any direction of the world and in any manner that you want. Price your own tailor made and customized journey using our online ticket builder. Ignore the jargon and travel the world that way you want see it.