Lesser-Known Wonders Around the World

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This post highlights a few places that often get overlooked when planning your round the world itinerary or your vacation. Not to say that they’re hidden gems waiting to be discovered, but if you’re looking to have an off-beat holiday to one or more interesting destination, then here’s a list of ideas.  We’ve included a few interesting island destinations for those who feel like vacations should involve costal getaways.

Located next to Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is occasionally overshadowed by the popularity of its neighbouring countries. We recommend a visit to the Capital city, Montevideo as it has an incredibly vibrant culture and, also happens to be very cosmopolitan. For sun-lovers and party-goers, we suggest you go have a look around the beach town of Punta del Este.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is known for its crystal-clear waters, lush rainforests, and distinct culture. One of the most popular attractions is Mount-Yasur, an active volcano on Tanna Island. If you have time, then you should also visit the island of Espiritu Santo and have a look around the fascinating underground cave system known as the Millennium Cave.

Despite its small size, Georgia has a lot to see and experience. The capital city of Tbilisi is an interesting amalgamation of modernity and old-world charm.  And, for the adventure lovers, Kazbegi is a hiker’s paradise. Georgia often gets overlooked in favour of the popular European destinations neighbouring it, but it is certainly worth a visit if you’re interested in natural beauty, cultural heritage and interacting with new people

This Polynesian country is made up of 170 islands which are home to a unique culture, comprised of traditional Tongan arts and crafts that are still practiced today. Formerly know nas the friendly Islands, Tonga is known for its spectacular beaches, clear waters and coral reefs.

If you’re looking to explore enchanting alpine scenery or charming medieval towns, Slovenia is where you should be. Located in the centre of Europe, this country can be included into any around the world itinerary when you’ve got the time and resources. The capital city of Ljubljana is known for its vibrant architecture and relaxed pace of life. And, if you’re keen on some breath-taking views, then you must also venture out to lake Bled.

Fiji is sometimes referred to as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ and this surely implies that a trip here will be well worth every bit of time and effort. As an archipelago of over 300 islands, Fiji also has a lot more on offer besides its spectacular snorkelling and diving sites. Plan a trip here to explore the exquisite marine life, a distinct culture, and beautiful beaches.

Laos has a multitude of activities and attractions on offer and is a must visit for anyone interested in unexplored lands and unique villages. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang should surely be on your list but besides that there are numerous natural and man-made sites that will steal your heart away. Apparently, some of South-East Asia’s most beautiful waterfalls are in Laos.

Located to the East of Fiji, Samoa consists of two main islands surrounded by several smaller ones. Samoa is a fabulous place for those who love the outdoors owing to its serene natural beauty which includes jade jungles and crystal waterfalls. Besides the bewitching outdoors, Samoa also has a unique and exciting culture comprised of traditional dance and music that remain a part of everyday life even today.

This East African Country is known to be the oldest in the continent and as a result, you’ll find ancient remnants dating back to millions of years. Besides its archaeological and historical significance, Ethiopia also supports incredible landscapes that include abundant mountains, deserts and volcanic plateaus. The capital city Addis Ababa showcases a fusion of modernity with tradition and the city of Laibela is known for its rock-hewn churches.

The Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands spread over 2 million kilometres of ocean. Known for their incredible lagoons and white sand beaches, the Cook Islands also have interesting museums and markets to explore. Rarotonga is the easiest Island to visit as it has numerous options of places to stay and a range of activities to explore.

While familiarity always makes us comfortable, stepping off the beaten path can result in great discoveries. So why not balance your vacations or round the world trips with a fusion of popular and lesser-known destinations. You might be challenged on occasion, but you will also learn a lot about yourself.