RTW Inspiration

How the Concept of Round the World Travel Emerged 

As time passes, one finds that responsibilities increase and the general pace of life speeds up. Everybody needs a break from their routine to inspire growth, productivity and new ideas. Being in an unfamiliar location, interacting with new people and exposing oneself to new cultures helps us all develop a whole new outlook.

It is this very idea that motivates people to travel. And since many people started to extend those travels to last many months or even a year, the idea of a gap year emerged. Gap years are the main reason behind the popularization of Round the World travel. People use this time to expose themselves to a new reality before returning to the routines of their everyday life. To really open one’s mind,there’s nothing like a trip around the world. With this notion in mind, the concept of RTW evolved and has become what it is today.

Gap year RTW travel is a once in a lifetimeopportunity where one gets to pursue their individual journey of self-discovery. The tests and the challenges along the way help people become more adaptive and understanding, in turnenablingone to cope with different situations and circumstances.

Many travellers also use their gap year RTW journey to partake in volunteering opportunities across the globe. This gives them a chance to do their bit for the underprivileged or for the affected sections of the society. 

The process of experiencing different cultures and people helps develop valuable perspective on life. This kind of travel helps people to gain first-hand experience of cultures across the world which is much more beneficial than just reading about it. As a matter of fact, your first-hand experience helps you to better understand all that you read.  All in all, the mindset of the person changes dramatically, making people more accepting and understanding of the world and people around them.