Relevance of travel dates

There are a lot of advantages and benefits attached with being flexible in your travel plans as it provides a wide window of options in terms of less expensive airfare. Also, one can tweak around with travel dates as travel plans might change when you are on the road. You can always go for changes in the travel dates before the ticket has been issued and been paid for. Once the ticket has been issued and the amount been paid, further changes to travel plans means that one will have to shell out extra money for the same.

The main thing to consider is the relevance and importance of being firm on your travel dates and follow the schedule of ticket as much as possible. This means that you would not have to spend anything extra on flights and you can focus on other aspects of your round the world trip and not having to worry about the costs you would have to pay for changes on travel plans. Thus, it is important to plan wisely and then decide upon your travel dates.

It is advisable and in your interest to have confirmed reservations for each and every flight before the final payment is made. There are a number of benefits that are available by having confirmed seats. One does have to deal with issues of onward travel and allows you to focus on your travelling plans and related aspects. Through this, you can actually get an estimate of the budget.

There might also be situations where you may have no other option but to change your travel dates. In such a scenario, the best thing is to connect with our RTW experts or the airline and give them enough scope and time to play around with your travel dates and help you in getting the least expensive airfare.

Thus, it is important to plan wisely and be firm on your travel dates as it has a number of advantages. However, in situations where the changing of travel dates is the call of the hour, then being prompt and flexible is advisable.

The important thing to keep in mind is that if backtracking is done, the price of the RTW ticket will inevitably go up as the mileage gets affected as it reverses the direction of their travel. It is advisable to avoid backtracking and resort to it only when it is necessary and inevitable.