What determines the Price of a RTW Ticket

There are a number of factors that goes in to the making of a RTW ticket. There is no single governing factor for determining the price of a ticket, rather there are multiple factors which come into play each carrying equal importance. So once you sit down and decide that you want to buy a ticket for your round the world business class trip, these factors have to be considered in order to help you understand and give an idea of how much the ticket would cost. There is no order of preference for considering these factors, rather due importance has to be given to all.

The preference of destinations and the preferred dates of travel affect the pricing of the ticket. It is advisable to prepare a list of destinations that you would want to visit and see how viable they are. Whether they fall in a single line or whether backtracking is being done, how much close or far the destinations are from each other, these things have to be taken into consideration. An important thing to note is that across the world, there are some destinations that are expensive whereas some are cheap. The important thing here is to keep a balance in terms of the destinations that you desire to visit. There are certain routes which are cheaper and it would be great to discuss about the same with our RTW experts as you might come across some interesting routing combinations.

The other aspect is the travel dates. In this aspect, flexibility pays a lot and would help you to get a less expensive ticket. If one is flexible with the dates on which they are travelling, that gives more scope to our experts to offer you some interesting airfares. However, there might be certain situations where you might be travelling on a strict and fixed schedule. But too much flexibility is not always the best thing. Too much changing of dates and destinations and you might end up paying a lot more than you would have thought. So the timing of the flexibility is very crucial. It is best to have flexibility before buying and avoid being too much flexible when you are on the road, unless you have no other option but to change your travel dates or make some changes to your itinerary.

Having flexibility in terms of your airlines/flight preference also helps. There might also be situations where your preferred airline on a particular date is not available or is having an expensive airfare. Thus to get a less expensive airfare, one should be flexible in terms of preference of airlines. It is best to check in advance with our experts, the difference in airfare amongst airlines.

The season of travel is also a very important factor that determines the price of the ticket. There are certain months during the year in which the traffic is high and this would result in higher and expensive airfares. There are also certain months when the traffic would be low. As less number of people would be travelling, this would automatically result in low airfare. Thus booking in advance is the key here which gives you enough options irrespective of the seasonality.