Why do people travel Round the World

Knowing yourself

Embarking upon a RTW trip takes a lot of gut and courage. Travelling for over a year may or may not be for some purpose. Some may say that they travel just to travel but there is always something that a person looks out for, in such a long journey. Many of you would head out for RTW trip to know who you actually are, to know your inner self. The challenges and the experiences you would come across during the journey would help you to know who you really are and what kind of a person you are. It is an eye-opener of sorts.

Just to travel

As Che Guevara had famously said that he travelled just to travel, many enthusiasts travel without any reason. Going out there and exploring the world for some RTW travelers comes without any reason or purpose. It is a beautiful and enriching experience when you do not have any purpose in mind while going for a round the world trip.

See new lands

A RTW trip enables one to see new landscapes and the natural beauty. It is the thrill and the experience that attracts travelers to distant corners of the world and makes them see wonders of the nature from their own eyes. The feeling that comes when one gets to see new lands and territories is totally out of this world and an experience which is worth remembering for a lifetime.

New cultures and people

Travelling around the globe for over 4-6 months gives the opportunity to see different cultures and people. It is the lifestyles and the traditions of different cultures, societies and communities that attract travelers to go for a RTW trip. The beauty and the vibrancy of the variety of cultures and people of this globe offer is what makes a traveler set out to explore the world.

Travel is inspiration

Travelling is an inspiration for many especially when it involves exploring different territories and terrains. Many people travel when they need to find inspiration for what they aspire to do. Travel teaches a lot. The experience of travelling in itself is fruitful and helps one to be a positive person before, during and after the trip. It helps one to do self introspection and look at one’s life in hindsight.

Need a break

Some people who travel to explore the globe for close to a year is just because they need a break from their hectic schedules or their lifestyles. Today’s fast paced life leaves many people desire for a break from their work. Few actually are able to do that. A RTW trip helps you to have a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced life.

Enjoy life

Life in itself is an adventure and it is there to be enjoyed and celebrated. There is no point in sulking over the lifestyles that we lead and the busy schedules that we have. Travel is one of the greatest teachers that one could catch hold of. It teaches you to value your time, utilize your energy and more importantly to enjoy life and to explore it with full enthusiasm.

Follow your passion

What is stopping you! So never hold back to follow your passion or interests. Whether it is writing a book, doing photography, jumping from the mountain, tasting some new cuisines, sky diving or maybe even helping the underprivileged and the list would be endless. Everyone has some or the other passion or desire that one wants to follow or fulfill. The global sojourn motivates and inspires travelers to follow their heart and follow their passion.