Your Visa

The visa requirements are one of the most essential things when you arrive in a new country. For some countries, the visa requirements are different from others. It is best to enquire about the visa requirements of the countries that you would be visiting from the respective embassies beforehand. One should have all the information regarding visa requirements of the countries which form part of your round the world itinerary. The embassy is the primary source from which you can get up-to-date and correct information regarding visiting a particular country.

Always study the requirements of having a visa for a particular country depending upon the length of your stay in the country. Some countries might have different visa requirements on the basis of number of days that a traveler would be spending in their country. In some cases, you might need a special visa if you are planning to stay for a long duration in a country.

Many countries also require travelers to have an advance visa before visiting their country.

Visa requirements also depend on the passport that you are holding. For some countries’ passport holders, the visa requirements in certain countries are relatively relaxed and there would be lesser stringent norms whereas on the other hand, there might be strict requirements for getting a visa for certain nationalities. However, there is no stereotype attached to this aspect and the visa requirements are dependent on the policy adopted by each individual country.

It would be best if you ensure to study about the visa requirements well in advance before setting out for your round the world trip and fulfill those requirements in order to avoid any last minute hassles at the airport when you set foot in a new country. It is best to avoid situations where one has to slug it out with the airport authorities just because one did not pay attention to studying the visa requirements of the country.